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Own A Piece Of History With President Trump’s Commemorative Medallion! Now You Can Get Your Hands On This Limited $127 Donald Trump Challenge Coin For $9. Keep Reading and Discover How To Get One For 90% Less Than Everyone Else Has To Pay…


This is not a gimmick! Our minting facility stamped 250 coins two grams heavier then what we advertise, so legally, we can’t offer them to the public as a collector’s piece. Besides the fact the coin is heavier than others … it’s perfect in every other way. If you can live with a heavier coin (I’m talking .07 ounces) … you can save 90%.


Please Note: Supplies are Extremely Limited so You're Encouraged to Act Fast to Guarantee Delivery!

Dear Friend,

Since Ronald Reagan occupied the White House, the commemorative medallions known as challenge coins have been stately symbols of the presidency coveted by the military, law enforcement personnel and a small circle of collectors.

Then came Donald J. Trump.

His presidency has yielded more elaborate coins — coins that are shinier, flashier and even bigger, setting off a boom for coin manufacturers and collectors, with one official Trump challenge coin recently fetching over $1,000.

President Trump’s aides have commissioned multiple versions of an official challenge coin, which the president himself has reviewed on several occasions.

Among those produced in recent months is President Trump’s Red, White, and Blue ‘Make America Great Again’ challenge coinfrom The Patriot Reserve.

This coin is thicker, wider and has more silver than those of preceding presidents, and bears President Trumps campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” as well as his silhouette set against the American Flag.

President Trump Is Enthralled by Challenge Coins

Members who travel with the President attribute his interest in challenge coins to his appreciation for military traditions and might, as well as his attraction to gaudy displays of gilded excess. That fascination grew during the presidential campaign, when he would receive coins from law enforcement and military personnel whom he encountered at stops.

Shortly thereafter coins, bearing the campaign logo and slogan began circulating among his campaign team. Traveling aides usually kept a supply on hand to distribute to dignitaries and military and law enforcement personnel.

Consumers seeking to buy this crashed The Patriot Reserve’s gift shop and jammed its phone lines. The silver-plated coin which measures a whopping 40mm (about 1.57 inches) wide and 3mm thick is listed for $127 on the company’s website, but today you can get it for just $9 + free shipping & handling.

President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” Challenge Coin

Impressive: This silver-plated challenge coin is guaranteed to impress friends, family, and onlookers

Fine Detail: Coin is stamped fromIron plated with Silverand Hasan Iconic Photo of President Trump Set Against the America Flag.

Hand Polished: Each Coin is buffed & polished by hand 4 times before being out in their protective case.

Specifics: Coin is 40mm in diameter (about 1.57 inches), 3mm thick, weighs 30 grams, and comes in a protective case to protect it from dings, dust, and scratches

Makes a Great Gift: Your Friends & Family will Love Receiving this Challenge Coin as a Gift

A Terrific Keepsake: Own a piece of history that you can pass down to your children and grandchildren!

President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” Challenge Coin retails for $127! But, you’re not going to pay anything near $127 bucks. As mentioned above since the minting facility screwed up our order we’re offering you the coin for just $9. That's 90% less than other people are paying right now.

Here’s What You Need To Do Now

See the big button below? Click it to see if we have coins left in inventory, if we do enter your email, and you’ll be taken to our 100% secure form where you can type in your shipping information. Once I get that… I’ll package your coin and drop it off at the post office today. Depending on where you live you should get it in roughly 3 days.

But, you have to hurry! I only have 250 challenge coins and once they are gone… this offer is coming down. So if you want one or even think you might… click the button below now and get your challenge coin for 90% less than everyone else has to pay.


Please Note: Supplies are Extremely Limited so You're Encouraged to Act Fast to Guarantee Delivery!

Thank you,

Ron Madison
President /CEO
The Patriot Reserve, Inc


Please Note: Supplies are Extremely Limited so You're Encouraged to Act Fast to Guarantee Delivery!